Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where To Buy Flavored Cigarettes

Where can I buy strawberry flavored cigarettes? Has anyone tried those nat sherman colored cigarettes? Where can you buy those? What about fruit flavored ones? Are they at a regular convienence store? I'm 29 and just need a smoke and I don't want to go back to marlboro. Any suggestions. I wish there was a cigarette that wasn't addictive that I could occasionally smoke to just relax. I've been smoke free since 1998. You gotta give me credit.

coax_me_cajole_me replied: "Try smoking Cigarillo's if you don;t want to get hooked on cigs again, they are basically a small cigar with a filter on them, they come in many different flavors from chocolate to fruit. (prime time is the brand I buy in canada) they are avalible at most stores that sell cigs"

onetruerick2008 replied: "Hi Natalie! I guess the best thing would be, as the other person suggested, to smoke cigars. I wouldn't try cigarillos, though, because you might find yourself inhaling them. Get some big ones that are too strong to inhale.

Or, just accept the fact that there is a part of you that simply NEEDS to smoke, and go buy a carton of your favorite cigarette. Really, Natalie, it's okay to be a smoker. You did really well, ten years without smoking. I truly give you credit! Now you can smoke. You know you want to."

Where do I buy fruit flavored cigarettes? I know there has to be a store or online website that sells flavored cigarettes. I mean like fruit flavored, vanilla, lime, ect.. I am 35 and smoke. I know they have been banned but they have existed which means they are out there some where. Any ideas?

headcrab man replied: "Well there banned, but that doesn't stop any drug dealers. Make connections and you could have a strawberry ciggy in no time!"

Sealo replied: "why don't you just eat real food."

Minna V replied: "There are no fruit flavored cigarettes, but there are fruit flavored little cigars. I just bought 'Prime Time" brand watermelon flavored ones from a smoke shop, they are the same size as regular cigarettes, only brown instead of white and burn like a cigarette rather than a cigar. They also had various different flavors like cherry, strawberry and chocolate mint. Gas stations or grocery stores don't carry them but smoke shops do."

*au natural* replied: "You can buy some here.

I was contemplating buying them. I just don't know if I want to pay $13 for ONE pack of cigarettes."

Kavya replied: "Sweet Dreams. Great cherry cigarettes, that is the one I tried. Smells like a cherry candle, tastes like a light cherry. I heard the other flavors are pleasant too. Unfortunately they only sell 5 packs per carton.

Where can I buy flavored cigarettes? Was wondering if anyone still sold flavored cigarettes (like the old camel exotic blends) online or something... and perhaps overseas (as its like illegal seems to sell them in the USA due to kids)

yo bro replied: "I wouldn't smoke if I were you.. and buying flavored cigarettes?.. Man get out and try some gummy worms or somethin.. you killin yo self bro.. there are a lot better stuff than cigarettes, and much more safer.. try new foods out and drink new juices or something.. i know you've heard it over and over it's bad and all, but your not seeing the obvious answer.. please just keep yo self clean bro.. good luck and God Bless!"

dad2two56 replied: "There are these shady characters down the street selling this wacky tobaccy. I here it is very flavorful.......and illegal. Try Skittles. Your mouth will love you. Your friends will always want to "bum" a few Skittles vs. a smoke.
Give it up dude, be healthy."

Told-U replied: "Try here:
Good luck"

Does anyone know where you can buy flavored cigarettes? ? Without buying them online.I know it's probably a dumb question but do they sell them at convenient stores?

*i know cigarettes kills so please leave them comments to yourselves. -Thanks.

bubbles replied: "yes they do."

meganlovee82407 replied: "cammel sells flavored one that you can buy at any gas starion. try cammel fusion"

AhMunnaEChoo replied: "you can get the menthol flavored smokes at the same place you find non flavored smokes.

if you want flavor, smoke little cigars, you can get them in all sorts of flavors. plus you dont inhale.

Camel had Flavored smokes for a while.. like 8 different kinds in little tins.. i wonder what happened to those."

meanddave replied: "the little arab stores 1.99 a pack there little cigars that have flavor"

Sarah K replied: "try Djarum black. they are a clove cigarette and they taste excellent. they have sugar on the filter that you taste on your lips.
you can get them at most smoke shops."

Rick Samuelson replied: "At Hambone Alley, a little place I know behind Big Mike's down in Philly. Ask for Guido."

Jon replied: "Camel Signature cigarettes are in a way flavored. I don't know why but real flavored cigarettes in the US are illegal. There is frost, mellow, infused, and, robust.Those are the names of the flavores. Frost is like a mint/menthol flavor, mellow is a citrus flavored, infused is like an apple flavor, and robust is a heavy regular cigarette (not recommended)."

where can i buy djarum blacks(flavored cigarettes) in MD? where can i buy djarum blacks(flavored cigarettes) in MD?
i live in southern Maryland and have been looking for some flavored cigarettes to buy before the ban takes effect. can anyone tell me where to find them??

KR3W WR3CK replied: "Online is your best bet"

What kind and where to buy cigarettes/cigarillos? I'm about to turn 18 on December 1st and I was wondering where could i get my first smoke? I know smoking is bad and what not, but I just want to try it (not like it's going to be my habit). But anyways, what kind should I get or what brand? and where can you buy these besides a smoke shop and online? Also, do they still sell flavored cigarettes?

jim replied: "It would be easier to list the places that "don't" sell them. All stores sell cigarettes. Why would you want to smoke though, people can become addicted very fast, I did. I quit 7 weeks ago, and am still craving them!"

does anyone know where I can buy flavoured cigarettes in the us ? please do not tell me stupid !@#$ like they are so bad for u and u should never smoke blah blah blah ... I am 19 and do not need to be be lectured on the facts i have been smoking for awhile and know what I am doing thanks ;) i would just like to know where i can get them also if anyone knows where i can get fantasia cigarettes in the usa i would gladly appreciate it ~megan

Arkange7 replied: "Like at every gas station anywhere. Or a smoke shop like illusions."

does anyone know where i can buy flavoured cigarettes in the us ? please do not tell me stupid !@#$ like they are so bad for u and u should never smoke blah blah blah ... I am 19 and do not need to be be lectured on the facts i have been smoking for awhile and know what I am doing thanks ;) i would just like to know where i can get them also if anyone knows where i can get fantasia cigarettes in the usa i would gladly appreciate it ~megan

01Mustang replied: "smoking is for LOSERS"

- z e h r a replied: "good luck when you get lung cancer and die at the age of 40."

Joel Is Depressed replied: "it's one thing not to smoke cigarettes, but when you bash people that do it's rude. Bash a fat person for being overweight, not someone that enjoys a cigarette every now and then. Prudes."

hi replied: "cherry swishers at the local 7-11"

Passion replied: "You can buy online cigrattes... Search it on Google"

Where can one buy flavoured cigarette papers in Glasgow? My girlfriend has recently started rolling her own and has heard you can buy flavoured papers. We're in the Glasgow area. Just want to know where you can buy 'em!

mactheboat replied: "The only ones I have ever seen are liquorice flavoured - the brown packet Rizla."

David M replied: "Any store that sells Rizzla Papers.."


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