Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cheapest Us Cigarettes Online

who has the cheapest electronic cigarettes online in the US? Looking to buy electronic cigarette starter kit nothing fancy, but I do want everything i'll need like charger, a few cartridges etc.

soccerluv139 replied: "Ooooooo I heard those were cool! I don't smoke or anything but they are all the rage here in Utah because they just outlawed smoking in every building including bars so people are turning to those. I like it much better that way smoke gets stuck in my hair so easily I hate it."

Owen E replied: "Hi There. I would say the cheapest yet quality option is blu electronic cigarettes.

See this comparison chart:"

Superstar replied: "If your looking for cheap electronic cigarettes then blu cigs are the best for you in terms of price.В  It will save you money in the long run."

Where can I buy cheap cartons of cigarettes online from the US? Specifically Parliament Lights.
Post the link.
Whoever knows the cheapest gets the 10 points.

f_blan replied: "from me"

"Googy" replied: "online."

NYkool replied: "Parliament Lights is a brand name. If you order from stores in Virginia or North Carolina, you have the best chance at lowest price. Try Parliament to start and then ask for tobacco shops.
Cheapest would be but you do not get the brand name. if you ask they will send you the closest thing to Parliament Lights they have."

ballistik replied: "Here ya go...

Happy New Year, Bud!"

Are European cigarettes any different than US cigarettes? I notice that European cigarettes are far cheaper than US cigarettes. Are they (about) the same?

Also, can you recommend a reliable and inexpensive online retailer?

Spare me the critisism, please.

Thanks in advance.

just me =] replied: "yes they're different.they are far to strong and nasty at that.
europeans dont even like them they get imported cig. from the u.s."

Scary replied: "hahaha i was going to say that all I saw in europe was imported american blends!
its the blend, not where you buy it."

Do anyone know what the customs taxes are for importing cigarettes to the US? I'd like to order cigarettes from India and want to know if its cheaper to order them online or to buy them in the US.

Chase M replied: "Order them online if you but them in bulk. If not, the taxes are too high."

European (American brand) cigarettes any different than American cigarettes? I notice that European cigarettes are far cheaper than US cigarettes. Are they (about) the same?

Also, can you recommend a reliable and inexpensive online retailer?

Spare me the critisism, please.

Thanks in advance.

♥Nurse Kimberly♥ replied: "They are the same..."

Johanna S replied: "Not sure about the difference between American and European cigarettes but I do know that most UK Cigarettes have a lower tobacco percentage.

Apparently they're not that strong."

bloodbrother69_ca replied: "Don't know about Europe, but I can tell you that there is a big difference in the smell of Benson and Hedges from Canada. My wife will sometimes pick up a carton from duty free in Detroit, and the American ones stink to high heavens. I've heard that it's the saltpeter added to the American to keep them burning evenly."

WorldTraveler replied: "Im a smoker in all countries i visit, also i worked for a long spell in a tobacco store here in the states so i got a bit of insight on this. Basic american brands (marbro, camel, american spirit) taste exactly the same in other countries, but a bit more stale from shipping (trust me its just the freshness of the cigs if anything) Dunno where you found Cheaper cigs, (except eastren europe... oh i love czech cigs) that i can understand but in general, sample strange looking smokes (Start, Sparta, Moon), also if you find any of those send them my way! ha, in all seriousness tobacco laws are strict in contents, espeicaly in the EU. A good site an inexpensive online retailer that a few of my friends used with sucess is listed below, note the long delivery times to ship over duty free cigs!"

paul_carlston replied: " explains the difference btw European and American cigarettes."

RockyMountainDew replied: "I smoked only US-made cigarettes until it got to the point that I could get 6 European-made cartons for the price of 1 US-made carton. (No-brainer, huh?) There *is* a distinguishable difference between the two in taste and size. EU cigarettes are made from different kinds of tobacco, making them much lighter-tasting and lower in tar and nicotine. Someone else said it well: European smokes taste like they are not 100% tobacco, but maybe have some kind of filler. I've heard of everything from sawdust to floor sweepings, but I have no expertise to answer either way. I don't think the "filler" stories are true. I think EU cigarettes are simply made from different tobaccos than what grows in the US.

Any time you switch from one brand to another, you will taste the difference briefly, but become accustomed to the taste difference before you've smoked through the first pack. Bottom line: a cigarette is a cigarette. It takes about as much time to smoke a European cigarette, though they are definitely smaller than US-made counterparts of the same brand. You may be getting less tobacco per cigarette - I believe so. You may be getting "weaker" tobacco per cigarette, but the taste difference is a matter of adjustment.

I figure I may be smoking lighter, but it's far better than (a) having to quit cold-turkey because I can't afford to buy US-made smokes, or (b) getting 1 carton of US smokes for what 6 cartons of EU smokes would cost. The taste issue is negligible in comparison.

As for recommendations, your best bet is to do a search for "European cigarettes" and do a quick price comparison each time you are prepared to place an order - prices and availability really fluctuate. I do recommend buying as many cartons as you can - the shipping is around $6US per carton and takes a good two to three weeks to arrive."

Codrina replied: "Lucky Strike are not. My experience. I used to order Winston Lights from some place in Switzerland. It took a while to get here, but they were much cheaper, and tasted just as bad as the American ones (I really should quit). was the site. Here's an article about them. You decide.

A question do with buying cigarettes online.? I've seen that you can buy Pink cigarettes. Ranging from Pink Elephant's to Sobranie's.
I mostly interested in the Sobranie Cocktail or Pinks.
Firstly, does anyone know of any good sites where i can get these cheap? I've found a few websites, but just interested to know if anyone else knows of any really good sites.
Secondly, when i purchase cigarettes online from the US or Europe will they get stopped at customs when entering the UK?
I'm going to New York in under 2 weeks time now, so i shall probably bring some back with me anyway but i just wanted to know for future reference as i'm pretty sure you can't purchase either of the cigarette brands that i have mentioned in UK shops.

insane_mad_maniak replied: "they will probably be stopped, and you will have to pay customs/duty/tax on them.

when bringing back from abroad, you are aloud to bring 200 ciggrettes, (10 box's of 20's) per ticket only.


they should be marked by the slaes company/seller 'tobbacco product' so it will likly be stopped. a letter will be sent to you to collect them. which is were you will have to pay."

Answer My Questions replied: ""

paul_carlston replied: " or never had any complaints.Once mine were stopped, but it was neither my neither supplier's fault but the company made a full refund."

Is buying cigarettes online a good idea? I don't smoke, never have. But my fiance does and cigarettes here in Maine are $65 a carton at the cheapest. We used to buy cigs in New Hampshire for around $35 a pack but since the prices of everything went up and even though we have sales tax and they don't, it doesn't save us any money when we factor in the gas mileage now.
So I was wondering about purchasing cigarettes online. I have heard that they can be very inexpensive if purchased online, but I also heard they can be stale by the time you get them because of shipping time.
So please only answer this question if you have actually purchased cigarettes online and smoked them yourself because I need an accurate opinion before I spend the money for him to just throw them out because he doesn't like them.
Specifically, he smokes Marlboro or Camel Wides.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Nickname replied: "NO"

lily. replied: "i never heard of cigs going stale before
you'll have to pay shipping and handling and crap but like
check how much the total's gonna cost with all the shipping and handling and crap
and if it'll take too long just go spend 65 dollars."

texasUT21 replied: "They wont go stale as long as they stay sealed. But if you wanna buy cigarettes online, look into E-ciggs. I have a feeling you'll like the idea. It's actually way cheaper than regular ciggarettes for the same effect. Look it up."

where can i buy electronic cigarettes in the US.? for cheap. or a really good online site. any help would be appreciated. thnks

Andy C replied: "That will be somewhat difficult. Let me know if you find a way.

"In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers electronic cigarettes to be a nicotine delivery system, subject to its approval. The agency is currently investigating electronic smoking devices, and has blocked a number of import shipments of electronic cigarette products to the country.""

jim c replied: "They are avalible. I have 4 starter kits and I have been smoke free for over 2 full months. You can order online. I did, and will continue to order. I am stocking up though.

I got mine at

I have the Gamucci, Smoking Everywhere, Njoy and and off brand. The Gamucci is the best in my opinion, and one of the cheapest. It has good flavor, and the atomizers last longer than the others.

I would suggest that anyone who smokes tobacco get one, or several, they are cheaper than regular ciggs and a hell of a lot less harmfull, no matter what the FDA says. And I do not own a site, so I can say it."

Superstar replied: "Well if you want cheap cigs, than blu cigs or the way to go.В  They are 75 % cheaper than traditional cigarettes, and their the best buy far in terms of research, on this field.В  So if you have time then i would spend my money on these e cigs by far, hope this helps."

Joe S replied: "There are not to many sites that are based out of the United States where you can buy electronic cigarettes. Ever since they gov banned electronic cigarettes from being imported in our options on where to go and buy electronic cigarettes have been real limited.

I did a lot of looking around the web and seen all of the 3 sites based out of the USA, where American citizens can go and buy electronic cigarettes.

The site below currently sells two different brands of e-cigarettes. I have heard nothing but good things about the Gammuci (first one) by I personally went all out and bought the Luci one (second one).

I am really pleased with my electronic cigarette purchase. It looks killer and people are always asking me about it. However I hope they start selling the nicotine liquid soon.

I have been looking for that and there are only a couple of places in the USA for that as well. However the overseas electronic cigarette liquid can be real cheap. It would make this horrible smoking habit all the better.

Hope that site gives you a hand in deciding where to buy electronic cigarettes. It is a great invention, ever smoker should have one."

Tim replied: "You can buy them from"

erikskupeika replied: "I know of a couple places that you can buy the electronic cigarette. Check the links below. I used coupon code dsc10-1947 at green smoke and saved me 10% on mine.
Hope this helps"

Who else would advocate extreme measures to protect homeland? We have known for quite awhile that we have two major self-supporting faction of Hezbolla terrorist calls functioning within the US and others in Canada.
There is the Florida based drug cartel that funnels drug money from the U S. into Canada and then into Lebanon -we know who they are and who they are in league with.
And then there are the cigarette profit mongers------they obtain cigarettes without paying full taxation therefore can make ma handsome profit selling these cheaper cigarettes online.-again that profit goes to supply weapons and training to cells across our country.
We are in danger that at any time Al Querida could call for an attack and all of these cells would then begin waging war within.--Their goal is for all of America to join Islam---or die.
I strongly feel we need a government sanctioned "Hit Squad" to go in a clandestine series of operations to kill these cells----no going though court systems---------these cells know
our laws and have been trained in t
and have been trained in the art of avoiding prosecution. They fully know how to used our legal system to full advantage to harm us.
My question is------what could we do to make this happen? A hit squad to take them out--------
what could be some pros and cons of creating such an entity?
Also I think it would be imperative this branch of law enforcement would be sworn to an oath to not violate a rigid framework of rules designed to protect the innocent.------------and in return they would be granted total immunity to any kind of civil or legal obligations.
What do you think?
Ok Folks-I do see your point-----what I'm looking for here----is it possible to create such a thing as this and not be able to keep it under control?
I don't claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed---------and maybe my idea is unworkable----buy like the gentleman below said -desperate times call for desperate measures---------why should our enemies be afforded the same right US citizens who have fought for these rights-----they did not fight for us----the protections should not apply to our enemies.
There you go----this is exactly why I asked this question-------not to try and force an agenda---------but to explore the truth--------Buzzard feels it is a bad idea-----------and I value his opinion HIGHLY---------folks-----the next presidential election to be held in 2008 is a part of the war between good and evil----------just remember that when you go to the polls-------do not allow a slick politician to convince you to support an agenda when you know in your heart it is really wrong--------we often times are used as pawns withoit even knowing it.

outerbanksbeachfever replied: "Scary!"

disgruntled_penguin replied: "Yeah, we all need unaccountable government hit squads with the power to kill anyone.

I'm SURE that would NEVER get abused.

Use your brain."

Jen replied: "What you are advocating is a facist police state and I would like to politely ask you to leave the country now. . . there are lots of established facist governments in the world and I am certain you would feel right at home.

Those willing to exchange liberties for security deserve neither liberty nor security. ~ Ben Franklin"

дипломатия пушки replied: "security is one thing but we should never sacrifice freedom for security! I know you are not aiming for everything to be strictly controlled but be warned this is a very slippery slope!"

Chuck P replied: "Desperate times call for desperate measures, we have to realize our laws govern us, they don't pertain to our enemies, they should be free game. They play dirty we should stay within the parameters of what they do. That is all they will understand. Look at how they are treated in their country when caught for spying, why should we treat them differently? Because we're civilized? I don't think they see the difference, they see that as our weakness and they are using it against us. Time to change strategies."

Wolfpacker replied: "I think as long as we continue to protect terrorist above US citizens that we are in danger.
I say go for the drug cartel, Al Queda & Hezbollah with all we have & wipe them all the face of the earth. Exreme methods or not."

SPC Burn It replied: "Lets just deport every Muslim not born in America.

Problem solved.... almost."

briang731/ bvincent replied: "I like the way you think ! I believe however, that we have first responders with the capability you described. Not just one organization is capable of this, many are ready, when the call goes out.

America will never join Islam, if anything we will see a time when when we need to eradicate Islam from our land. Sooner rather than later would be nice.

I believe that Islam has set up many phony cells in our country, for the purpose of keeping our agents and intelligence community chasing it's @ss. A lot of resources get poured into a black hole when we allow ourselves to follow the dummy brigade, in this manner.

We do need an effective hit squad and not one that allows our legal system to be tied up with dead end nonsense. This is the problem with busting this scum too early, it changes the focus of our first responders and gives the evil-doers, wiggle room to go in yet another direction !"

BRICK replied: "I LOVE the idea of hit squads!! Will you marry me!!!

The liberals in this country are too squeamish to properly defend it."

Buzzard replied: "Viva! I'm always deeply troubled by all of the news that I read about our Natinal Security. And I must be honest. This scares the living Hell out of me. Keep up the work. I got you on Contact. Let me know whatever you find out. I'm only asking that all who are this scared of our Security. Be ready to make your presence known. In November of `08. It's us or them. Simple as that. Thanks dear Friend"

canyon-ghost replied: "I almost like the idea, you really went straight to a solution without hesitation, kinda cool!"

Alexandros replied: "I like this questions because, it bespeaks the true desperation of the global situation.
I presume, you've considered the impact this has on diplomacy.
As a nation our international reputation is dismal and we've become a domestic psychodrama filled with characters like Cho, and the other deluded sociopaths to highlight the diseased "American Social Psychology".
The thing about "Imus", the thing about "Anna Nicole" all distractions from the fact that, America needs to develop a "sense of urgency" about converting to Bio-Fuels--right now--we need a "Manhattan Project" about eliminating our dependence on " Foreign Oil"! Hell, we can "Kick That Ass" when we eliminate you from our market place!
WE need a "National Works Program to employ our citizens in the improvement of our " Homeland."
We must use our talent to Improve America.
Protect our Borders to the max and become "Semi-Isolationist!""

Brandon replied: "Well I do not think your idea is workable. The basis of our political system is ultimately one of checks and balances. In theory, the 3 branches of govenment limit each other's power and in turn our limited by democratic process. I think the idea of an extrajudicial force authorized to use lethal force against American citizens is inadvisable and frightening. To whom would they be accountable? And who decides who is a threat and who is not? Also what happens in case of mistakes? I think your worldview is one of absolute truth where their is good and evil and all measures are authorized to destroy evil. From this point of view it is rational and acceptable. I also think you're being alarmist and reactionary. It would litterally take more than 100 September 11ths to even significantly damage our homeland. You say their goal is that all America join Islam, well I believe that is the goal of all religious groups here. I think the world is more complex than the black/white, good/bad dichotomy also. I think that these groups are spawned out of political disenfranchisement, nativism, and a reaction to globalization. The groups and cells are just symptoms of this and eliminating them only leads to short term victories. If Osama bin Laden was killed today, it would make no dent in the broader Islamist movement. Besides it is undeniable that statistically speaking Americans will always kill each other in far greater numbers than suicidal jihadists (i.e. murders, car accidents, etc.), yet there is no outcry to stop these."

Larry V replied: "Brandon- That system of checks and balances that you speak of is the very weakness that is being exploited here and now and the reasoning behind this hit squad proposal,to circumvent the exploitation of our own system against us it appears the enemies who desire to do us harm know these weak areas and are exploiting us. We do need to find a way to seal the chinks in our armor. Remember these people do not play by our rules they love cultivating and creating psychotic personality types and using them as human shields and as suicide bombers.
Ans when they take our soldiers by surprise they tend to torture them in the most brutal fashion. Often times they have been beaten so savagely it is quite difficult to identify the mangled corpse. They are also fond of cutting the heads off our guys after taking turns beating them with rifle butts.
Sadly the enemy is redefining the meaning of inhumane tactics. Some politicians want to slap they wrists after a few months of incarceration where the living conditions sometimes exceed what they had been accustomed to. And then ship them home to fight again. We have got to stop letting congress and the crazed organization known as the United Nations from dictating to our generals how to conduct this conflict,civil war,war, or whatever you choose to call it.
Lets cut some red tape because it strangles us."

xenypoo replied: "Do we finally get to blame the Cubans for helping terrorists? I know they would be the lower idiots on the scale of terrorism, but they've don't it, by thieving off the American people, much like Mexico. We already know Cubans in Florida are the first to start illegally selling food stamps in Florida, so what is to stop them from helping terrorists groups?
The cell, is the Cubans, I have no doubt. Cubans are the ones who claim to be poor, and needy, begging off Americans, and stealing. Even here in California, I was mobbed by Cubans, and all they got was $4, my watch, and a key-chain! I have no doubt that Cubans in Florida can be coerced rather easily by terrorist groups, and the American government should look into them, as well, as Arabs. Just a thought."